Welcome back to The Town.

If you are joining us for the first time, The Town is a gathering of some of the most prestigious personalities* in esports that have come together to play Mafia** for 3 days in the BTS House. For those returning, what's wrong with you? 

From August 19th to the 21st we burn our relationships to the ground for your viewing pleasure and and to satiate our own masochistic tendencies. This is the most personal event of the year for me and I hope you join us as we whittle away our friendships one mis-lynch at a time.

*By prestigious I mean the biggest losers in the scene that I could browbeat into coming to my low budget event. I mean seriously, who comes to a Mafia LAN right after TI like they have nothing better to do? rofl

**If you have no idea what Mafia is click the rules tab
- Charlie Yang

Main Stream: Twitch.TV/beyondthesummit


Mafia will begin at ~10:30 AM PST each day and will conclude at ~7:30 PM PST

with a 1 hour break for a special challenge segment.




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